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Welcome to DO NOT BE A JERK, the web's only place to share your jerk experiences. Jerks, mean folks, and situations with irate people . . . share it all here! ~~> Share Your Story & a Picture. Watch the Video Below.
We are in the process of researching a true phenomenon of global proportions. It's called TDS. It has imploded our society in ways we never imagined. We are asking each and every person who stops by to share their experiences with friends who possibly have TDS. You can share instances, pictures and even videos. We have been amazed by the outrageous acts some have committed because of TDS. Do you know a friend, family member or colleague that has TDS? Share your story so others can judge if they have been stricken. You may be asking yourself what TDS is . . . shoot us an email and we will reveal this new epidemic.

A Jerk is sarcastic, mean, unforgiving and never misses an opportunity to make a cutting remark. Jerk’s repulsive personality quickly alienates other people, and after some initial skirmishing he is usually ostracized. Still, Jerk is very happy to participate in electronic forums because in cyberspace he is free to be himself…without the risk of getting a real-time punch in the mouth.

We have all been a victim at some time or another. What exactly is a jerk?? Can they be described?? Do they come in different sizes, shapes, colors?? You can help us profile the characteristics of a jerk by sharing your real life stories. Through this we can write detailed instructions on how not to be a jerk. You have the opportunity to post or showcase your own encounter with a jerk and even put up a picture of the person in question. Blogs will be created for you to give your opinions on this wonderful subject. Others can also cast a vote if the person was being a jerk or not.

Hopefully at days end there will be less ferks I mean jerks in the world and ultimately we will all live in a better place.








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From the Desk of Dr. Jerk

Oh just the thought of a jerk can bring tears to yours eyes or anger to your face. Since the beginning of time our world has had to deal with them. They have caused great harm and distress for many. There are different types of jerks. We will set out on a search to explore each type and develop a strategy to overcome. We will also see that, unfortunately, what we dislike so much, we have actually been to someone else. Yes, we have been a jerk. To start on a lighter side, I have found a slightly different type of jerk. Watch the Video below. Enjoy

Quirky jerk

He is usually at parties standing over in the corner with his finger up his nose. After feasting on some boogies, he goes over to the h'orderves table and picks through all of the delectable items. Then he sneezes over the spiked punch bowl while getting his drink and proceeds to annoy anyone within shouting distance. Ultimately he drinks too much, eats too much food and pukes on the white shag carpet after having a cup of coffee. He and his plaid pants and seersucker vest has to be taken home because he is too drunk to drive . . . and he pukes on the floor board of your '67 Camaro. Oh the joys of life. By any means necessary, avoid such people as these. You have been duly warned by Dr. Jerk himself. *For Entertainment Purposes Only* *Dr. Jerk Is Not A real Doctor*


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